Color Craft Label Co., Memphis, Tennessee 1979.

Photographer: Margolies, John

Jun. 1974: Manhattan Bridge Tower, Brooklyn

Photographer: Dick Swanson

Brooklyn, a quintessential 19th-century American city, boasts great bridges linking it to Manhattan, bustling streets, and a mix of habitation and aesthetics. Its ‘worst’ neighbourhoods preserve some of America’s finest architecture, resisting demolition.

Jun. 1972: Teenager, Second Ward, El Paso

Photographer: Danny Lyon

In 1972, El Paso teenagers were shaped by U.S. cultural, political upheaval – the Vietnam War, civil rights, and Watergate. The city’s border location and rich, diverse history significantly influenced their daily experiences.

Aug. 1973: Tourists in Buggy, Silver Lake State Park

Photographer: Paul Sequeira

Around 1973, the park would have been known for its distinctive features and recreational opportunities, drawing visitors from across the state and beyond.

May 1972: Railroad and Transmission Lines, Salton Sea

Photographer: Charles O’Rear

By around 1972, this area was already embedded in a network of transportation and utility corridors that reflected both its historical significance and its attempts at economic development.